Our Approach

A comprehensive and well managed search assignment is conducted by the search consultant you retain using our proven successful process. 

The process includes these steps:

  • Develop a position specification that includes the ideal candidate criteria. Initial meetings are held with your organization´┐Żs executives who are directly involved with the position so that we may clearly understand your culture, position requirements and candidate qualifications.

  • Develop a search strategy. Our search experience coupled with your input allows us to develop a strategy that will identify the appropriate sources where we are most likely to find the candidates for your position.

  • Extensive research. As search consultants, we have personal knowledge of many top tier corporate executives. At the same time, our research team will be involved to insure every potential candidate is identified.

  • Personal interview with each qualified candidate. The search consultant you have engaged will have a face-to-face meeting with initially qualified candidates to fully evaluate their qualifications, their match to your management, potential barriers to their candidacy and the seriousness of their interest in the position.

  • Perform reference checks. We confirm the backgrounds of qualified candidates. This includes verifying degrees and talking with previous superiors, peers, subordinates, and colleagues of the candidate.

  • Present candidates to your management. The most qualified candidates will be presented to you in the form of detailed resumes and comprehensive insight and comments from the search consultant.

  • Assist in negotiations. Often, executives have complex employment, compensation and relocation issues. We will assist you in negotiating those sensitive issues with the final candidate.

  • Follow up with the candidate. We will follow up with you and your new hire after the search is completed. This provides an opportunity to confirm a good fit and insure the quality of our service.